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North East England History

Absolutely disgraceful comments, surely he knows that the American Indians were there long before his family was. Also the treatment of American Indians still to this day is that bad its unreal.


Oh GOD! What a JERK!...
thatz why i Don't like "AMERICANS" in general! ...i DON'T Concider myself an "American".

thatz sad :(
it Makes me SICK to think that stupid people in this stupid country get to spead their ignorant racest opinions like that! ...
i mean i COULD go On, & ON, & ON, about this kind of trash but, i just dont think its worth it to spend anymore energy on a jerk like this.

what an idiot!

i DODN'T KNOW WHY? I am TRYING SO HARD! To make-it in the "AMERICAN" society?!?...
Shit like this and all the other bull shit just doesn't seem worth it in the long run? Should i Even TRY to get of the Rez? idk.




Hello Sir-

My name is Carey Waubanascum; I am Menominee Indian, living on the Menominee Indian Reservation. I have joined the United States Marine Corps and after words joined the United States Navy. The Montgomery G.I. Bill is helping me pay for my education. No Native Grant.

I am not conquered by an race or group. I am a Marine, I am a Sailor, I am a part-time student, most of all I am a mother.

Funny, I would like to know where this free Native College is.

During my 11 years of active duty service, I have made many friends of many races (I miss them, a lot.). My best friend is white, and we still talk to this day. Her name is Leah and she is from TexasJ I have never felt that I need an apology from her or any other person on this earth for our history. Nor did I think that have a Casino was a good idea, I see no money from our Casino. I have always worked hard for what I have and always will. Most of the Native Casinos were not given to us as a gift. But each state that has a Casino is receiving monies from these Casinos. Even for whites to have better school, highways, or whatever that state see fit. When money is involved people of all races get greedy.

I greatly appreciate your time and patience for reading me e-mail.

Thank you,

Carey Waubanascum


Full time work and mother, part-time college

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