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im gay


vai tomar no cú viado.


people often say that being gay, u only seek sex and pleasure, nothing deeper, and sadly, some of the comments here only seem to prove this fact, this is a large reason why i dont want to come out, because i want something deeper, and im beginning to believe this is impossible.


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Kevin VanWanseele Named Sexiest Gay of The Year.

dear brothers in humanity ,
I love you , I love to hug you all , females and males , young and old .
We are talking about sex always , and show our naked body to each and everybody . Anyhow sex is very important in our life . But please think sometimes with those who are tortured and their land confiscated by others .Their trees and land razed by bulldozers without any reason . They are razed by ugly human beings . They call themselves like that , but they are criminals , canibals , inhuman . What will you do if somebody pulls you and your family out of your house under the threat of arms . Then he stays in your place and you suffer the chill weather outside . what you will do .

Humans reached a high degree of thinking that never happened before .I believe there are some people planning for the destruction of this world . They are cunning and if you are intelligent and clever enough , you can guess who are they . They spread indecency and prostitution and gambling and drugs and everything which is considered illegal and harmful to our generations . You should know them dear brother in humanity , because they are creating problems everywhere and in the whole world . They do not care for anybody. They are selfish .They love themselves only ,and they say : Hell for the whole world . Guess who are they ? Their numbers are not much, they are mostly 16 million in the whole world . They are the dirtiest on earth because they like themselves only and they do not care for others . They enjoy the blood pouring out from the gentiles bodies . Try to find out and I will try to tell you next time . They are meeting from time to time secretly for the destruction of our beautiful world and most of the people of our world do not know who are they . The world is ignorant , because they are busy with sex ,drugs , prostitution and hundreds of dirty things . Our world is nice and beautiful if we live in peace and love . Please our brothers in humanity love each other , without any discrimination. And without any hatred or envy . I myself , love every one on earth without exception . I love the Europeans , the Americans , the Asians , the Africans and the Jews , I like to kiss them all . My heart is flowing with love for all people . I wish I can hold every one whether he is a man or woman and hug him / her too much . This is my motto in life . Love is the best word in the dictionary and it is the best word coming from the mouth of a lady or man or a boy .I t is “ I love you “ . It is a great thing to say it always . If you want to enjoy a lady or sleep with a lady , do it secretly and do not show this in public . On the internet , it is disgraceful to see millions of asses and pusses and dicks , having no shame . I do not know why people are exhibiting their genitals on the screens , not only this, but they show themselves fucking each other , men with men , women with women , and men with ladies . It is disgrace , painful and strange . I say this is personal and not to be exhibited publicly for children . These pictures which fill the corners of internet is made to destroy the morals of humanity . These images and videos are purposely exhibited to spoil the generations , so that no body will care about humanity .Now ,who was the cause behind the collapse of the financial system in the whole world .Those 16 million did it . Remember my brother in humanity , my true love .I love you too much , please excuse me by repeating this word because I love it and I can not forget it . LOVE is peace . Love is tranquility . Love is a peace of mind . Love is consciousness .Love is good behavior . Love is brotherhood . You are my real love. When I see a human ,I feel the drive to kiss him or hug him whether he is a lady or a man . I like to keep him in between my arms for a couple of minutes . Love is cleanliness . My appetite for love is unlimited . I can not live any second without it . But many people do not realize this noble thing . Please you clean lady , hold me and never forget me . I am yours forever . I Kiss your hands , lips , you are my crown . Help me to spread love everywhere . Just watch how dirty the war is . Killing is everywhere . Blood is flowing like rivers . Hatred is engulfing the dirty human beings minds . Children are being killed without mercy , especially in Gaza and Palestine . These chicks are innocent , they are like angels . Women , the roses on earth are being slaughtered like anything .Why dear friend , why ? .This is because there are many people on our planet do not like to wish you , with hallo . They look at your face with disgust and hatred .They do not have a particle of love . If you tell them Hello ,they turn their faces . These are not humans . Now look at the massacre of Gaza . People are fighting to get their independence . They are fighting to drive the occupation out of their county . My goodness , Where is the justice in the United Nations or in the Security Council . It is sure that those people have no heart at all . The occupation is standing over their chest since sixty years . All countries got their independence except Palestinians . The problem , Palestinians are very intelligent people and highly educated . This why they do not want them to get independence . They are under the yoke of Imperialism and colonization and genocide of Israelis . Killing is continuing since one century . Where is the good feeling of the human beings . They have no bread ,no electricity , no gas , no petrol , no cooking , no schools , no warmth , every day they are busy in burying their dead .Jews are shelling the innocents , the civilians , demolishing the houses , killing the children, besieging the whole country for the last two years . Where is justice . No body helps . Why the Israelis love killing . There is something wrong in their psychology. There is something wrong in their thinking . Go out of the country of Palestine , so that the Palestinians can live peacefully and with dignity . They are unable to develop their country because they are under occupation and colonization . Hundreds of their establishments and factories have been destroyed by the Jews. Their infrastructure have been destroyed by American planes F16 . Let the United Nations and The Security Council do something solid in favour of Palestinians once in sixty years . Where is democracy , justice .The people want their freedom from the Israeli colonization .
Palestinians can not remain forever under the Israeli Occupation , Since 60 years . Why , all countries got independence ,except Palestine ? . The problem is occupation . The only problem is Israeli occupation and Israeli colonization and apartheid . They are confiscating thousands of acres of Palestinian lands , from time to time , dismantling the old olive trees which is source of income to Palestinians , razing the green land with their bulldozers every day . The Israelis have no love to any body . They like to kill . They like to arrest . There are twelve thousand Palestinian detainees and prisoners in the Israeli jails. 12ooo Palestinians are jailed without solid reasons . Most of them civilians . There are 750 checkpoints in the Palestinian territories . Life is becoming impossible . How , my dear friend in humanity , can live without food , without medicine , without bread , without electricity , without car for transport , without security , without milk for your babies , with fear and under terror . Without shelter in this cold season . How can babies tolerate . No milk . No water . Bodies amputated . Fear of being arrested any moment without any reason . Just tell me . You can not use the roads . under Curfew from time to time . The problem is that the whole world is watching the destruction and holocaust of Gaza and no body is doing anything . This is the Jungle Law . No love for anything . They have no heart . What you will do if an Israeli comes to your beautiful house and tells you , leave this house , this is not yours or I will kill you . It is as simple as this . The Palestinians are begging the Israelis to quit their country but they do not want . They destroyed more than one thousand houses of worship . This is because there is no love . They are telling them , please leave me alone . Go out of my country but they are not listening . Most of them are illegal immigrants coming from different countries . They speak tens of languages . Thousands of tanks are shelling the houses of Palestinians day and night without stop . It is the crime of the 21st century . The world is watching the TVs as if it is a serial film produced in Hollywood or Bollywood . The Israeli Leaders are telling their soldiers kill as much as you can . This is why most of the dead are children , women and elderly and civilians . Some babies are less than five months . Hundreds of F 16 fighters , thousands of tanks and helicopters , drones and guns and very sophisticated weapons from America and Europe delivered every day to Israel to kill the Palestinians . Poor Palestinians are deprived from even one tank . Not allowed to have arms or ammunitions to defend themselves as other countries have . Most Palestinians do not have even a pistol to defend themselves . If they are caught , they will be hanged or get life imprisonment .


Kevin VanWanseele Named Sexiest Gay of The Year.

He is very handsome . This is true . He looks like a girl . Sexy people like to do sex with him because he is sweet like beautiful rose . I like to keep him on my stud. He may call himself as a gay . But I feel that thing can be kept secret , I believe is better . If somebody passive , he should hide that feeling and do not make it public . It looks awkward. I like a friend to suck my ass or my dick , but I feel shy to tell anybody to do that . It is not fair to do that practice . gay likes to fuck and be fucked , this is quite right , but keep it always in secret . Sex is very strong when somebody is healthy and young . Everybody likes to enjoy sex daily whether in a passive way or active way . In fact it is against God .


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hey ya'll this is sadie :) what up in da club

charlotte arabe

hello to all people in this site .,., im so glad to be a part of this kind of society ..,.,im proud to be one of your families in this institution,.,.

by the way im charl;otte arabe from philipines


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hay,,, i`m didi from indonesia... i love kevin so much


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The Obama campaign is bringing another Latino celebrity on Monday to continue making that case to Hispanics. George López, the Mexican- American comedian who’ s made a name in show business, will meet with supporters on Monday.


Hi dear .
my name is morteza.

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