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suppose at least someone somewhere remembers the proud least the costume is the best...and then again, most of the white people are pretty dumb and believe anything they are told...suppose we can charge'em for doing this? >:)

Harlan Pruden

When I first saw this picture, I thought it was so funny! But the more I look at it and reflect upon it...I don't understand it. Can these people find some other way of admiring our culture without making us into a tourist attraction? And to that point, this admiring is such a limited and distorted view of our culture. I think I’m just as much a Native American living in NYC and working in the GM building as any other Native American – for we are a living and breathing culture. This picture, with them in traditional regalia, is only one aspect of our culture (It is an important aspect to OUR PEOPLE and our traditions) – but all two often it is this perception of who we are that is perpetuated to the community at large. Similarly, it’s like when people find out that I’m Native American, they ask if I have a “Indian” name and I say, “…yes, it’s Harlan!” With this narrow perception it limits our engagement with the non-Native community.

Where's the "Dress Like A Jew" costume? Or dress in African Warrior garb. The difference between other costumes and "Indians" are most costumes are vocations. Or hobbies.
Anyone can become a doctor, knight, cowboy, but you can't just become an "Indian" It's disgusting what is accepted in the world when it comes to Natives.

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