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I have been studying up on the whole subject of being Gay and Native American because i'm trying to start something up on my reservation in south dakota...this is really helpful for the reasons why we are the way we are...thanks


Great article.

I am of mixed Mexican and French origin, and I have lived in Canada all my life.

I still feel there is a barrier for me to really be able to plunge and uncover the true culture, tradition and identity of my Mexican side.

I try to imagine the fear that Europeans must have felt when they saw Native American tribes and people in order to go as far as to kill them!

How scary must they have been. They saw that they were so different from them, and the way I understand it is that they killed them by fear of losing their own identity in trying to understand them. Killing them was easier for them than maing the effort of understanding them. Thankfully, this was not the perspective of every European, but of some powerful racist military, religious and political commanders.

I am grateful that this type of massacre is over, although it can still exist in a more subtle and slower-pace form, and a lot of us, indigenous people can take the time to claim our roots back, and share it with our brethren.

I thank you very much for the work you are doing in helping me and others like me to uncover our true identity, you are truly two-spirit in the traditional sense of the word.


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