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Hello, I am looking for a symbol the represents Two Spirit peoples. Does anyone know of one or where I might go to find one?


Im a Kanien'kehá:ka(Mohawk) from upstate NY. I am surprised and glad that there is a site for Onkwehón:we(Native American) people like us. Just to read this information about the Two-Spirited people gives me greater joy to be who I am. Im 20 tears old and only noticed that I had feelings for men about 2-3 years ago. It wasn't easy coming out and realising this since people(mostly my family) all shunned me for being the way I am. Because of that I was in a confusion up until 2 months ago about who I truly am. I alway knew that I wasn't a mess up or wrong for being the way I am but people made it difficult for me. People always make things difficult. But since 2 months ago, i've been happier with myself and more comfortable. But enough about me.
I always wondered what the roles of the Two-Spirited and others were. Im my culture, The Iroquois/Longhouse culture, I don't see anything that has to do with me(us) like the Women and Men have. All I see is Women and Men duties and, again, that makes me wonder is we've just lost that part of our culture or if people just don't want it to be.
I am glad that this site exists. And just wanted to say niá:wen(Thanks) for the information that has opened up my world even more.

Ó:nen ki' wáhi(Bye for now)

Nehi Katawasisiw


I often encounter moniyaws (non-ndgns people) who long to take the concept of "two spirit" and make it their own. It is a perverse thing to me having grown up in an extremely racist country populaced by a people who seem not to understand much about respect.

I would say to the non-natives who are longing for a framework that is affirming & empowering of their non-heterosexual, other-gendered identities rather than disempowering as so many European social frameworks are....don't co-opt or appropriate the Two Spirit identity. This term "Two Spirit" was coined with indigenous nations in mind---not lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of European descent in mind. Respect (that is, don't colonize) indigenous history, culture, spiritual beliefs and individuals by thinking that you can simply take on this term as your own. You can respect us by understanding that this term is our way of reclaiming our unique & distinct culture, history and spiritual traditions and is not about filling an emptiness in you.

I would say that you should coin your own term, find your own path that affirms your own unique culture, history and spiritual traditions rather than trying to mine (appropriate) from ours.

Nehi Katawasisiw
Pipikisis Cree Nation


Greetings, I am hoping that someone can help me find the symbol for Two Spirit people. If you can, will you please email me at Thank you

Julie Sotts

Greetings, I am hoping you can help. I am looking for a symbol the represents the Two Spirit people. I am hoping you can provide me with or point me in the right direction to find one. I hope you can help.

Thanks, Julie


I am a 57yr old two spirit of Comanche decent. I live in a small city in Ohio with my Apache partner of 12yrs. While doing research on the Comanche nation I ran across the two spirit way. It has explained so much about the way Sue and I view our lives. I pray the Great Spirit will continue to speak to the hearts of all the nations, so the two spirit way can return with the pride and dignity that the Great Spirit intended for all the people.


I am a two-spirit male youth from the new england area, and I have been looking for a two spirit symbol to encoorperate onto my grass dance regalia...

If anyone has anything to share, please email me at Aho


I am Danielle, a 20 year old lesbian native of the Red Cliff Lake Superior Chippewa Band and I came across this web site and article because I am researching history within the gay and lesbian cultures within the Native American culture. This atricle has created a new window which I have never known. Thank you, Shadowtale. If anyone has information about this topic or related topics, please feel free to email me.

-Thank You

Melissa Hoskins

My name is Melissa Hoskins. I live in Tampa, Florida. I am Cherokee, Lesbian, I am 35 yrs old. I typed my name in, and this article came up. Just thought I would say hello to a woman that has my name and obviously shares the same interests as I do.
Keep Up the Great Work.



The authors of the article say:

Remembering Our Traditions
Since the time of colonization many American Indians have forgotten the "old" way. Many converted to a Western religion, which did not accept traditional spirituality and community structures.

Just as this is true, so it is also true that many non-First Nations' gay people find themselves totally disenchanted with Western religion precisely because it not only cannot accept but also because it cannot recognize the inborn spirituality very much alive in the Gift of their Queerness which the Creator gave them. While of course they have the power to love members of their own gender fully and completely, they also very often fulfill roles society traditionally equates with their opposite gender.

The question, then, is what place do non-First Nations gender variants have, if any, within the Two Spirit circle?

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